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The Noir Series

The Noir Series • Special Thanks To:

Trena Custer Pitchford, the first good listener this production had. It would not have happened without your support, advice, and about 10,000 mimosas.

Bix Skahill, Chris Ralph, Yaro Ralph, Kelly Bowe, Chris Johnson, Tricia Clark, Richard Ragsdale, Lisa Ragsdale, Jaimie Artist, Kara Loquist, Jennifer Halperin, Satnam Talwar, Bryan Brown, Olya Petrakova, Sean Hanish, Amy Cotteleer, Kevin Cotteleer, Kay Stewart, Jason H. Thompson, Gretchen Hydo, Kaela Moore, Justine Hanks, Ben Blacker, Betsy Chapman, Rob Kimmel designs, Russell Edge, Michael Schlitt, Alexa Rose, The Teenies, Daniel at Prop Movie Money,Eddie Marks at Western Costume Rental, Shon LeBlanc at Valentino’s Costumes

Heretick Theatre Lab would especially like to thank Schkapf for inviting us into their home.

Welcome to the rebroadcast of The Noir Series!

This groundbreaking production was originally broadcast over the weekend of November 6th, 2014. Below you can watch the show in its entirety or just revisit your favorite piece. All shows are available for a 48 hour rental and streamed in HD. Please Note: if your internet connection is slow the stream will automatically adjust to standard definition so you can view.

Coming Soon:

Heretick Theatre Lab will return in 2015 with a new live-streamed theatre production. Stay tuned for our take on…Sci-Fi!

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